Can we paint to music? The answer is perhaps..ummm… no.


15 ‘interesting’ album covers of recent times. Because who are we to say good, bad or ugly.
(No Death Metal band album covers were included as I want to keep it a PG-13 blog.)

15.Bill Callahan- Sometimes I wish we were an eagle.
Sometimes I wish we were an eagle.- self-help music for horses??

14.Herb Alpert- Whipped Cream and Other Delights.
I could never decide to put it in the best or the worst lot. A piece of art it is nonetheless.

13.Jarvis Cocker- Jarvis
That is what Jarvis looks like. Yes it is. The one in red shirt……. Did we tell you what Jarvis looks like?

12.Radiohead- Rainbows.
In kindergarten we all thought rainbows were cool. In high school we were thinking the same about Radiohead. But even the obvious needs some abstraction.

11.Explosions in the sky- Earth is not a cold dead place.
Thanks for rubbing the fact in. #inspired-environmentalists-clan

10.Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavillion
Don’t stare at the cover too long, and don’t listen to the music for too long. I love animal collectives; I just don’t trust the way it moves.

9.Epeche Mode- Sounds of the Universe.
Because sounds of the universe are colorful and assymetric.

8.Alexander Gradski- La Vie Immediate.
This one is just wrong! From all perspectives.

7.Nirvana- Nevermind.
Plain disturbing but Nevermind.

6.Androids of Mu- Bored Housewives.

5.Simian- Chemistry is what we are.

4.Andrew W.K- I Get Wet.
See the record at a music library-run in fright-let your nose bleed for lack of oxygen-eat a duck.Repeat.

3.The Script- The Script.
For who ever wanted to hug a guy with a ‘head’. Rainbows are so much better.

2.Spoons- Stick Figure Neighborhood.
Talking of guys with heads… or the lack of it.

1.The XX- The XX.
This can ruin you. Completely. You have been marked. #minimalistic-nightmares


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