Can we paint to music? 10 most intriguing album covers.


Music is so much more than music!

10.Foo Fighters – Echoes, Silence Patience and Grace.
Beautiful veins and bloodshot eyes. The cover art by ‘Invisible Man’ is as intriguing as the lyrics and the name. All hail the Foo Fighters!
Foo Fighters- Echoes, silence, patience and grace.

9.AM – Soul Variations (AFAIK. Designed by Jonathan Ady. please correct me if I am wrong.)
My soul, my melody, my colors. Classic!

8.Amiina- Kurr
Designed by- Egill Kalevi Karlsson. I don’t know what you are saying. But my heart thinks it’s beautiful.
Music recommended-

7.Yo La Tengo – Popular Songs.
Cover Art- Dario Robleto. I sculpt my music note by note to bury them in the record spectre.

6.Eminem- Recovery.
Cover art released on Art Direction- Julian Alexander.
‘Keep your head up… It does get better’. It surely does.

5.Telefon Tel Aviv- Immolate Yourself.
Artwork By [Design] – Eustis, Wolfel
Artwork By [Letters] – James Hughes
Photography [Cover] – Eustis
You stood there since I was yet a mere thought..
And I see you smirk as the cracks broaden
Now penetrating deep within the city walls…

4.Coldplay- Viva La Vida.
Art by Tappin Gofton. (from Eugene Delacroix’s painting: Liberty Leading the World.)

3.Pink Floyd- The Division Bell.
Cover art by Storm Thorgerson. Pink Floyd always steals the show when it comes to album covers…or music. 🙂

2.Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon.
It’s pink and it’s Floyd and it’s George Hardie!
I disperse in a thousand shades to merge on the dark side of the moon!

1.Pink Floyd- Eye to eye.
Cover Art- Storm Thorgerson. I just love Pink Floyd. Don’t I?

Sunday Feature: Most disturbing album covers of recent times.

Till then let’s paint to the voices of the wind, each note to a color.


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