I sat there wondering about the incorrigible children when I first noticed. I noticed that I liked the book not for the subtle childishness and faithful humor but for the love of the book cover.

Jon Klassen it is. An illustrator, designer, animator and a wonderful story teller with all the new strategies to bind you in the tale.

The book cover from “Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place”

He also illustrated several other children’s books including Cat’s Night Out by Caroline Stutson.

Already a classic in Noveau Art and much of a story teller himself I think his most recognizable work by all is the all-colored-in-pastel 2D animation shorts in Kung Fu Panda 2. The character designs, although, were made by Nico Marlet at Dreamworks (more on him in the next post).

Till the next post for the love of art in a fantasy driven child’s world read the books by Maryrose Wood or wait for the latest by Jon- Vanished (author- Sheela Chari)

More on him by himself

Keep reading, drawing, yawning and repeating!!


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